Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Attention - Important notice about AP Exams and FEES !!

Dear AP Students,

Monday, 3/12/2012, the school received word that the Federal government has slashed its funding to states for AP exam fees and the State of Connecticut is not providing any increase in their funding either. 

Because of these cuts, you will have to share the costs of the exams. Again, you will have to pay for part of the exams this year. 

The costs are as follows:
  • $15 per exam for the first three exams
  • $53 per exam for the 4th, 5th, 6th or additional exams.
So, if you are taking 2 AP exams, it will cost you $30. If you are taking 4 AP exams, it will cost you $98
( 3 x $15, and then $53 for the 4th exam).

A letter will be sent to your parents about this change in AP testing and fees. 

If any additional funding becomes available from the Federal or State governments, refunds could be given, but there is no definite notice of that happening. 

We know this may be a hardship for some students. This is not a Bridgeport thing, it is due to Federal and State cuts. 

More information will be coming soon. 

Mr. A

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