Monday, May 16, 2011

Free Resources for Students - very useful, take a look

Free Resources for Students

Seniors - before you head off to college and your future endeavors, here are some free resources for you:

1. College Packing List - this site has some great tips on packing list for your trip off to college. You can even create a shopping list from it for any items you don't have.

2. BarCharts Tips for Success - this site has some free downloads for you.
KEYS TO COLLEGE SUCCESS, SURVIVING THE COLLEGE RIDE, and WHAT YOU WON'T LEARN IN COLLEGE. These are all free and have great tips, ideas, and resources for you.

3. Summary of Great Web 2.0 Resources for Students - this has a list of 13 free, online resources that can help you as a student. Note taking, organizing, online homework help, file backup, study tips, and much more.  You definitely want to check some of these out.

A couple of other good resources:
Citation Help (make sure you cite your sources correctly)
Get Yourself Organized to be a more efficient student
Web 2.0 Tools for Students - list of 30 of them

Advice and Tips to High School Students (tips before college):
"Advice and Tips for High School Students.pdf"

Good luck next year!! Keep in touch!

(These are also useful for the Juniors too!)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


NASA Logo - Web Link to


Go to and read through the entire page and click on ALL of the links on the page.

Keep in mind that you will be making and flying model rockets and this will help you in your effort. 

Image of model rocket and link to RocketModeler

Friday, May 6, 2011

Review for AP Exam

The AP Physics B Exam is Monday, May 9th at 12pm. Good luck!

Here are some review resources for you:

(see post below this for resources on chapters 26-33) 
- video lessons for each topic (lots!)
- practice problems, with answers for each problem.
Review packets with topic explanations, examples, and practice problems
AP Physics - Fluid Mechanics Review Packet.pdf
AP Physics - Review Packet - DC Circuits.pdf
AP Physics - Review Packet - Electric Fields and Forces.pdf
AP Physics - Review Packet - Magnetic Fields and Forces.pdf
AP Physics - Solving Problems - Atomic and Nuclear.pdf
AP Physics - Solving Problems - Electricity-Magnetism.pdf
AP Physics - Solving Problems - Fluids-Thermo.pdf
AP Physics - Solving Problems - Newtonian Mechanics.pdf
AP Physics - Solving Problems - Waves and Optics.pdf
AP Physics - Thermo Review Packet.pdf

Review your notes and homework also.

Good luck!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chp 26-33 Overview

Chapter 26-33 Overview

Class notes are here:
"AP Physics - Chp 26-33 Overview.pdf"

Go through slides, do Multimedia Science School on slide 2 and online labs on slide 3. Don't worry about videos.

Also, go to and watch all of the video lessons. 

Read the chapters at home.