Friday, March 30, 2012

Assignment for Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm still out sick with bronchitis. Here is  your assignment for today, Friday. Have a good weekend.

No more than 3 people in a group.
One paper per group.

Geometric Optics Lab

1. Go to  and run the simulation.
 Take the pencil and raise it so that the eraser is sitting on the principal axis. Click on the “principal rays” button.

1.1 Draw the ray diagram. Describe the three special principal rays: how do they enter the lens, and how do they exit the lens?
1.2 There are several properties of the lens you can change in this simulation. For each one below, PREDICT what you think the effect will be on the image (its size, location, and brightness), then give the actual answer:
a) Radius of curvature of the lens
b) Refractive index
c) Diameter
1.3 You can change the location of your object (the pencil). Drag the pencil so that it is farther away from the lens. Explain the result.
1.4 Drag the pencil so the eraser is right on top of the focus. Draw the ray diagram. A) What happens to the two principal rays that enter the lens? B) Will they ever form an image?

Turn in your answers and observations at the end of the period, even if you are not done. 

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