Friday, May 6, 2011

Review for AP Exam

The AP Physics B Exam is Monday, May 9th at 12pm. Good luck!

Here are some review resources for you:

(see post below this for resources on chapters 26-33) 
- video lessons for each topic (lots!)
- practice problems, with answers for each problem.
Review packets with topic explanations, examples, and practice problems
AP Physics - Fluid Mechanics Review Packet.pdf
AP Physics - Review Packet - DC Circuits.pdf
AP Physics - Review Packet - Electric Fields and Forces.pdf
AP Physics - Review Packet - Magnetic Fields and Forces.pdf
AP Physics - Solving Problems - Atomic and Nuclear.pdf
AP Physics - Solving Problems - Electricity-Magnetism.pdf
AP Physics - Solving Problems - Fluids-Thermo.pdf
AP Physics - Solving Problems - Newtonian Mechanics.pdf
AP Physics - Solving Problems - Waves and Optics.pdf
AP Physics - Thermo Review Packet.pdf

Review your notes and homework also.

Good luck!

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