Tuesday, January 25, 2011

AP Physics Class Work Jan 27th - Feb 2nd 2011

Working in groups. Use all 6 computers. Groups should be no bigger than 2 people. No arguments on this!

1. I will post the solutions to the Chapter 11 homework that you were assigned on Tuesday, January 25th. Check it over. We will go over any questions you have when I return. https://sites.google.com/site/dandradeedusite/Home/ap-physics-class-files

2. Multimedia Science School – software on computer – on Novell screen. You have used this before.

Click on Physics, Oscillations and Waves, Oscillations, Lesson, Introducing Oscillations. Go through all pages. Try out each simulation multiple times with different variables. Read all of the pages. Write up a summary of what you learned and what you saw happen in each simulation. Do NOT copy the summary from the software. Submit the summary and what you learned via email in a Word document. Include the names of everyone in your group and the date. Submit it each day, whether you have finished or not. Also include any questions you have or things you didn’t understand.

3. Multimedia Science School – click on
Physics, Oscillations and Waves, Wave Behavior, Lesson, How Waves Behave
Same directions as above.

4. Multimedia Science School – click on
Physics, Oscillations and Waves, Combining Waves, Lesson, Superposition of Waves
Same directions as above.

When you finish all of this, you move onto the next step.

5. Watch these videos – keep volume low enough not to bother other groups, but loud enough that you can hear it. Take notes. Submit notes and questions you have to me via email.

6. Read Chapter 12 Sound at home

7. http://www.physicsclassroom.com/Class/sound/ - go through all 5 lessons. Write up a summary and any questions you have in MS Word and submit it, with group member’s names at top, to me via email (dandrade@bridgeportedu.net) each day whether finished or not.

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